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Facebook is Here
Thanks to Ben Laws we have a Facebook presence. You will find some chatter and friends you have not seen in years, so it is time to go visit. All you have to do is click the link below. Thanks Ben!
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The Web Site is under construction once again. We are deleting pages that are no longer needed. We are adding some pages that might be of  interest. For example: We have added a new page to enable you to provide feedback about the 2013 Reunion Event. That page is called "Reunion Feedback." You can see it to the immediate left. We are adding a new spreadsheet with pictures of the event. I know you would like to just see a page with all the photos on it. However, this is a free Web Site and they give a limitation on the space we can use. The photos that have been received so far constitute 10 times the space we are allowed. So please bare with us.

You can still send us notes at our email address. If you have any suggestions to improve anything please use the Reunion Feedback form.

Thanks for all your help.

You can email us at: